For over 60 years, RINOL industrial floors have enjoyed a worldwide reputation for reliability, precision, quality and economy!

Our research and development department works permanently and consistently on new and further developments of products and systems. RINOL’s goal is to support our customers and partners with innovative products and system solutions based on epoxy, polyurethane, vinyl ester or polyester resins.

All components and ingredients for our coating systems are tested and produced by ourselves. This guarantees the highest quality, fastest availability and optimum properties of our products.

Our RINOL casting resin systems are tested for your safety by renowned, independent experts and accredited institutes, such as the German Institute for Construction Technology.



We have our own research, development and innovation facilities that design the best solutions to meet the needs of our customers and develop the most advanced and innovative resin systems on the market.


All our systems comply with the highest standards of quality and safety and are certified by competent bodies that will allow our products to be installed on projects where the highest technical and quality is required.


Our systems are developed with procedures and raw materials of great quality that guarantee the good performance of our products, granting systems that guarantee the operations without interruptions.

About rcr industrial flooring

RCR Industrial flooring

From the design of an industrial floor to the manufacture of the products from which it is made; we offer a complete industrial flooring service.

Our companies each belong to one of three business units:
RCR Flooring Products companies design and manufacture world-class flooring products under the disciplines of ISO 9001.
RCR Flooring Applications companies install specialised floors to a very high standard.
RCR Flooring Services companies are experts in industrial flooring design and consultancy.

Our unique strength lies in the integrated industrial flooring services that only RCR can provide on a global scale.

Serafin Group

“Serafin combines responsible entrepreneurship with professional investment expertise in the SME sector”.

Responsibility by tradition: according to this principle, Serafin combines active entrepreneurship with a stable set of values.

Serafin thinks in terms of generations: the basis for successful long-term business development is dealing with employees, customers and suppliers in a spirit of partnership.